Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Movie!

Best Buds in DC Comics

Yes, that is correct…you read that title properly. It looks like the much requested (and often thought pipe dream) of a movie is finally in the works over at Warner Brothers…a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle team-up movie! Yeah, let that sinkĀ in for a bit…a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie. I had to type that again just to be sure!

The Blue Beetle/ Booster Gold movie has long be a dream at WB and was even in its conceptual stages way back during Smallville days. Pretty impressive, eh? It may have been a bit harder of a sale back then, but with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, why not? Set to have Greg Berlanti (Flash, Arrow) as director, the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold movie will be more of a ‘superhero buddy movie,’ and the source goes to claim that, “The dynamic duo are also members of the Justice League and are being planted now to appear in a future JL movie down the road.”

DC's practical jokers, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!

Are you excited for the inclusion of the goof-ball odd couple of Booster and Beetle? What kind of tone do you think the movie will have? I’m thinking that it will probably be mostly humorous with a tone like a Will Farrell movie…or something to that tune! Sound off with your thoughts below!


  1. It should be serious but funny, Blue beetle is one of my favorites. He’s pretty much batman with a since of humor. booster has grown on me, he protects the timeline and no one knows.

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