Fox Already Planning Deadpool 3. Oh, and It Includes X-Force

Fox Already Planning Deadpool 3. Oh, and It Incudes X-Force
Fox Already Planning Deadpool 3. Oh, and It Incudes X-Force
Take this off. There’s real work to be done.

Remember the deluge of X-information I recently shared regarding the lackluster performance of FOX’s X-Men films and the studio’s reported decision to reboot the whole darn franchise? Well, on top of that report shared by THR, which also detailed FOX’s general approach to the franchise’s future, it seems the studio is already assembling the appropriate creatives for Deadpool 3, which, incidentally, will star the more deliberate X-Men offshoot, X-Force.

In May, we reported that regular X-director Bryan Singer confirmed the development of an X-Force film, and the green light was given. However, according to the report, Deadpool 3 will already feature members from the X-Men’s murder-friendly black-ops squad (Cable and Domino), so there’s a good chance the separate X-Force entity could be absorbed into Deadpool’s third outing. Of course, Deadpool 3 could act as the appropriate springboard for solo X-Force films, so….let’s not despair until more “DP3” details hit the poop-guard on your oscillating fan.

THR also confirms that the studio is busy searching for a director. Wow. Any chance they might find a director for Deadpool 2 before they secure someone for Deadpool 3?

And just what the hell is X-Force??

Cyclops finally concluded that there are some missions where brute force, and flat-out killing, are absolutely necessary when dealing with certain adversaries hellbent on killing everyone everywhere for all time. So, he had Wolverine assemble a team of individuals — including, in some iterations, Psylocke, Archangel, X-23, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Deadpool, Fantomex, Cable and Domino — and set them toward killing the hell out of those who were especially deserving of reactive, and proactive, justice.  But wait….does that mean we’ll see Wolverine? And…who the #### will play Wolverine???

Anyway, can’t WAIT to see them on the big screen.