Stan Lee Discusses Spider-Man, and His Masterful Cameos


He’s the man… the myth… the comic book legend. Stan Lee is one of the minds responsible for some of the most colorful characters in comic history. In recent years, Lee has made a living riding the rails to every Comic-Con in the nation, and when he talks… people listen.

His most recent stop came at this weekend’s Denver Comic-Con. It was there during a Q&A when fans were able to ask him whatever popped into their minds, including the ultimate question: “Of all the Marvel characters you’re responsible for, which one is your favorite?”

Well, I love them all, but if I have to pick a favorite, I think it would have to be Spider-Man.”

Stan Lee Discusses Spider-Man, His Masterful Cameos
He picked me!

It wasn’t that long ago when Lee stated that his favorite comic book movie to date was Sam Rami’s Spider-Man 2, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the webslinger is at the top of his list. Peter Parker has become one of the most popular characters in all of comics, but as for the man who created him, Spider-Man is more like a friend (like most of his characters).

“Good ol’ Spider-Man! Have you ever noticed I call him Spidey? I used to call Iron Man ‘Shell Head.’ I had nicknames for all of them. Over at DC, they never called Superman ‘Supey,’ or Batman ‘Batty.’ I wonder why they’re so formal… but that’s not part of this. Forget that I said that!”

So with such a close connection to Peter Parker, he has to have thoughts on Tom Holland taking over the role. Following his debut in Captain America: Civil War, Holland has captured the praise of both fans and critics alike, leading to a budding enthusiasm for next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. That same joy appears to have spread to Lee himself.

“Oh, he’s wonderful! I was with him the other day. He is great! I can’t believe it. It’s as if we created a living being to be Spider-Man, and it turned out to be him.”

Stan Lee Discusses Spider-Man, and His Masterful Cameos
I am the result of your collective need for Spider-Man!

Wow that is ultimate praise for Holland. Getting the Stan Lee stamp of approval is the best way to adhere to the geek community. Now you just have to wonder what type of cameo Lee will have in Homecoming. In fact, the Stan Lee cameo is one of the best surprises hidden in any Marvel movie. So, after appearing in so many movies over the years, which one was Lee’s favorite?

“You know, it’s hard to pick my favorite cameo, because, as you know, they’re all masterpieces,” he said with a laugh. “Unfortunately, this will frustrate you a little, I have a favorite but I can’t tell you what it is, because it hasn’t appeared yet.”

Lee was cut off before he could divulge any more information about a future Marvel project. But he did add, “You’re gonna all want to see it because it’s one of your favorites. And in that movie I have a cameo where I’m dressed up as… I won’t tell them! But you are gonna love it!”

Oh, man… he left us hanging. Could it be in Doctor Strange? Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Spider-Man: Homecoming?!?! In my opinion nothing will top his spot in Deadpool, but Lee seems confident that his next one will be his best one. Perhaps it will reveal his identity as Uatu the Watcher, an identity we suspected for quite some time. Fingers crossed!

Stan Lee Discusses Spider-Man, and His Masterful Cameos
You don’t know me, but…

It’s hard to imagine the MCU without Stan Lee popping up here and there. It’s also great to see him drop by the other efforts from FOX. Knowing he’s still invested in these characters he created all these years ago somehow makes them more special. No matter how much we love them, there’s someone who has been watching over them for much longer, who cares for them even more.