Earlier this week, the fate of the Inhumans in the MCU was finalized. Rather than a feature film, they will make their debut on ABC in the summer of 2017. Now that those shockwaves have settled, it’s time for us to dig a little deeper into what it is we want from an Inhumans television show.


Five Things We Want to See in the Inhumans Television Show

1. ROYAL FAMILY – Now, the announcement mentioned the series would focus on the Royal Family, so they better damn well deliver.  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done a lot of the heavy lifting of establishing the Inhumans’ existence, but to date, there has been no appearance by the characters most people think of as Inhumans. We must see Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Crystal and Black Bolt. And Maximus. Maximus is a necessity. At their core, the Inhumans are a Shakespearean tragedy. These characters are the ones around which it all revolves.

2. ATTILAN – The Inhumans’ home, in the Blue Area of the Moon, is a huge part of the mythos. You could even start with Attilan in its former home in the Himalayas and move it to the moon over the course of the series.

Five Things We Want to See in the Inhumans Television Show

3. MCU CONNECTION – We all know there is a rift between the television and movie divisions of the MCU. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has suffered as a result of that rift. The Inhumans can’t be treated that way. The characters have been positioned as an MCU replacement for the X-Men and the only way for that to take hold in the popular consciousness is for the Inhumans to interact with the MCU’s big guns – regularly.

Five Things We Want to See in the Inhumans Television Show
Interact with us!

4. BUDGET – Kree origins. Prehensile hair. A satyr. Alien city on the moon. Getting all of these things right is going to take money. Lots of money. The powers that be can’t skimp on the production budget when it comes to the Inhumans. Given the fact that they plan to debut the first two episodes in IMAX, and that it’s co-financed by the company, I’m hopeful the Inhumans series receives the proper amount of cash to make it look spectacular.

5. LOCKJAW – I’ve never been sure if Lockjaw is an actual member of the royal family or simply their pet. It just doesn’t matter for our purposes. All that matters is that he’s a dog who can teleport. HE MUST BE IN THE SERIES!!

Five Things We Want to See in the Inhumans Television Show
Console me, Lockjaw!