Footage from the Cancelled Daredevil Video Game Revealed


In the early 2000s, Marvel was selling the rights of their characters in order to create films, such as Spider-Man (2002) and X-Men (2000). With these films, Marvel saw the popularity of their characters increasing, and as a result, began developing superhero video games like 2002’s Spider-man. One of the games in development around this time would have changed everything. From an open world to realistic swinging mechanics, as well as a working radar sense, video game developers 5000 Ft Inc. were prepared to rock the industry with a groundbreaking Daredevil video game.

So, What the HELL Happened??

Unfortunately, due to the conflicting views of Sony and Marvel, as well as troubles in engineering, the Daredevil game never made it into stores or into our consoles. However, thanks to YouTuber Unseen64, on behalf of DidYouKnowGaming?, footage of gameplay as well as concept art has finally surfaced more than 13 years after its planned release date in February of 2003.

In the video above, Unseen64 details the journey from the drawing board to the almost completed Daredevil game. Everything is accounted for: the entire storyline, the game’s engine, the style, the use of Daredevil’s radar sense, the characters, etc.

Check out the video for everything you need to potentially fill the hole left in your heart by the game’s cancellation, and be sure to check back with The Source for more details on your favorite heroes and their games, shows, comics, and movies!