My Favorite Things About DC Rebirth #1

My Favorite Things About DC Rebirth #1

I spoke to John yesterday about how it would be nearly impossible to write a spoiler free review of DC Rebirth #1.  That was his thankless assignment and I think he nailed it – HERE! I decided to go another way. I’m going to talk about my favorite things that happened in the epic (yes, I said epic), 81 page one-shot published yesterday. So, yes, these are my favorite things about DC REBIRTH #1!

I’ll do my best to minimize the spoilers, but there will be some here.  SPOILER ALERT!!

  1. WALLY WEST – The return of Kid Flash/Flash from Limbo aka the Speed Force was a great way to kick things off. The casual disregard DC showed a character who WAS the Flash for more than two decades left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. Now, Wally is back. He’s our narrator. He sees the bigger picture. He’s the man around whom the whole thing revolves. Welcome back, Wally!
  2. TED KORD – I hated it when DC killed Blue Beetle. Now he’s back and very much the Ted Kord of old. He’s seen mentoring Jaime Reyes, aka the current Blue Beetle. He’s seen interacting with Doctor Fate (bonus cool moment). He’s an inventor whose first response to a mention of magic is not skepticism, but rather genuine enthusiasm. That response makes me very excited about where they are taking Kord.
  3. THREE JOKERS – As Batman sits in his cave, pondering and brooding, he informs Alfred that there are three Jokers. He uncovered this disturbing news during his time as Metron. Now, the ultimate problem-solver has to figure out what this means to him – and the world.
  4. GREEN ARROW and BLACK CANARYRebirth teases us with the possibility of a reunion between these estranged soulmates. Despite what you may see on television, Ollie belongs with Dinah, not Felicity. That DC is taking steps to fix this giant creative gaffe is promising.
  5. TEASES – Over the course of 81 pages, we get glimpses of things to come. Damien Wayne celebrating his 13th birthday alone. Aqualad trying to come to terms with his powers and sexuality. A Legion flight ring. Atom trapped in a microverse. Dick Grayson holding his traditional blue Nightwing costume. An elderly Johnny Thunder trying to call down the lightning. All of these things are promising tidbits that will hopefully lead to big things as Rebirth unfolds.
  6. META – No, not like the powers. Meta like the knowing winks to DC’s continual tinkering with their continuity and Wally’s realization that it’s being done by someone outside of their universe. Smart storytelling mea culpa by Geoff Johns.
  7. THE ENDING – I won’t spoil this, just in case you haven’t read the book yet, but WHAT WAS THAT?  In a twist I NEVER saw coming, Rebirth hits you right between the eyes with the idea that a group of characters associated with DC, but not part of the DC Universe, may be the ones responsible for everything. Given that Crisis on Infinite Earth’s started DC’s 30-plus year practice of universe-tweaking, the ending makes sense; it all took place at the same time. That’s all I’m saying on the subject.

I had to read Rebirth twice. The first time I was sucked into the story and genuinely moved by the reunion of Wally West and Barry Allen. I was gobsmacked by the ending.  The second time I looked for clues I may have missed the first time. They were there.

If the one-shot is any indication, then Rebirth might finally be the relaunch to put the DC Universe right again.

It couldn’t come soon enough.