Is There Another Classic Villain in Spider-Man Homecoming?

Is There Another Classic Villain in Spider-Man Homecoming?
Is There Another Classic Villain in Spider-Man Homecoming?
Wear THIS and behave poorly.

It was just recently that Spider-Man: Homecoming wrapped filming. So between now and its8 eventual July 7th, 2017 release date, there will be plenty of rumors and inside sources regarding Spidey’s solo MCU flick making the rounds. Since we’ve already seen Peter Parker in action, most of the attention will turn to the other unseen characters… mainly the villains from the movie.

While the studio has yet to confirm anything, leaked set photos have already showed off Bokeem Woodbine playing The Shocker. Michael Chernus is all but certainly playing The Tinkerer. Then there’s the issue regarding The Vulture. Marvel showed off some concept art during Comic-Con depicting an aerial showdown between the webbed slinger and a fully suited-up Adrian Toomes. But who is really the man in the flight suit?

Is There Another Classic Villain In Spider-Man Homecoming?
Classic !

It seems everyone’s prayers and wishes are trying to get Michael Keaton into the role. It would make sense. If Vulture is the big threat in the movie’s climax you’d want a big name for the position. Keaton fits that bill better than another actor playing a villain, Logan Marshall Green. One of those two men will be Toomes. As for the other, Schmoes Knows grabbed the scoop on the rumored role for the film’s supposed fourth antagonist.

“This third ‘villain’ is a non-super powered character who butts heads with Peter in his everyday life. He also may be the new someone Aunt May begins dating in the film, a guy that Peter does not approve of. Whether or not the guy is actually bad or its just Peter’s prejudices clouding his judgement remains to be seen.”

The report goes on to add that it’s a “character that is central to the Spider-Man mythos, one who will play a larger role in upcoming films.” Extremely Interesting.

So, who could this mysterious character be? And who could be playing him? There is a plethora of characters who fit the “Spider-Man mythos” and many of those villains could be played by either Keaton or Marshall Green. Perhaps it’s a pre-extra-limbed Otto Octavius? A still one-armed Kirk Connors? Or could Michael Keaton and Logan Marshall Green be playing much more familiar faces?

Could Logan Marshall Green Be Eddie Brock?

Is There Another Classic Villain In Spider-Man Homecoming?
You might recognize me from every Spider-Man book circa 1988!

Let’s consider that Michael Keaton is locked into the role of The Vulture; that leaves Logan Marshall Green in need of a role. He could be Eddie Brock, a journalist at the Daily Bugle who begins dating Aunt May. You not only create a connection between Peter and the paper, but also fill that rumor of a villain dating Aunt May.

Perhaps Peter is central to the couple breaking up and Brock resents Peter for that. In a future movie he comes in contact with the symbiote, transforms into Venom, and already has a hatred for Parker set up and ready to go. If Marshall Green isn’t going to be in Homecoming for the long haul, setting him up as Brock would not only perform fan service, but let everyone know that a fan-favorite like Venom is in the pipeline for the MCU (and in the hands of the Marvel Studios braintrust).

Could Michael Keaton Be Norman Osborn?

Is There Another Classic Villain in Spider-Man Homecoming?
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However, what if Marvel has been keeping a massive secret, that it’s actually Marshall Green playing Adrian Toomes, leaving the door open for Michael Keaton to take on the role of Norman Osborn. We haven’t seen a Spider-Man movie yet without the Osborn clan… so why start now? Keaton could kill it as the CEO with a secret agenda. Perhaps he has issues with Stark Industries, meaning we could get a business suit showdown between Osborn and Tony Stark. Plus, he would be the one pulling the strings on all the villains we see in Homecoming. He could employ The Tinkerer, then bring in The Shocker and Vulture to gang up on Spider-Man.

In a future film, when everything fails, Norman can follow his path and become The Green Goblin. Plus, by introducing Keaton as an iconic Marvel character like Norman Osborn, it leaves the door open for him to appear in multiple MCU films, even in cameo form.

So I know most people would prefer Keaton to play The Vulture. Still, his skills are better suited for a much larger role. Norman Osborn would be a perfect addition to the MCU, and Keaton would be the ideal star to bring him to life (and not just do a Willem Dafoe impression). If Marvel wants to stun us, then when the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming should include Peter Parker talking to someone, only to have Michael Keaton smile and say, “Nice to meet you… I’m Norman Osborn,” It would be a Marvel mic drop.

So what are your thoughts? Still hope Keaton is playing The Vulture? Or is there someone else you wish he was cast as? What about Marshall Green? Who do you hope he shows up as? Let us know in the comments section and let’s get the conversation brewing.