Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?


First of all, if you have not seen the Logan trailer yet, what are you doing with your life? Go check it out right now! Here’s the link: CLICK ME, I’M THE LOGAN TRAILER!

Okay, are you back? Go ahead and take a second to process it all: Johnny Cash, a funeral, Professor Xavier, Wolverine with scars, Wolverine with gray hair, a mysterious little girl. Alright, now let’s break it down!

At The Source this is how we like to break things down! It’s just too bad no one takes our foam claws seriously…

Potential Spoilers Ahead!

For the past month, Hugh Jackman, the man behind Wolverine, has been teasing fans with multiple images from his upcoming film, Logan. Presumably, this film is going to take some cues from Mark Millar’s revered Old Man Logan series while also serving as an epic conclusion for Jackman as Wolverine. For over 15 years, Jackman has been called on to suit up and go shirtless for multiple films in Fox’s X-Men franchise, but now, he is ready to call it day. So, what better way to end his run as the ‘Ol’ Canucklehead’ than by going out with one of the best Wolverine stories? To prep our readers as well as ourselves, The Source is breaking down the Logan trailer to figure out what kind of movie is coming in March and who the hell all of these people are.

The Plot:

To be honest, there is not an abundance of plot to be gathered from the trailer, which is WAY BETTER than too much plot.

In the first part, viewers quickly learn that in the world where Logan is set, the X-Men are no more. Visually, this is confirmed when Logan is seen standing at a distance from a funeral. While we cannot say who the funeral is for, it sends a strong message about how this film will feel emotionally. Yet, despite these multiple mutant deaths, Professor Charles Xavier is somehow still around; however, it is worth nothing that he does not look well and, as a matter of fact, neither does Logan.

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
Where have all the mutants gone? Long time passing. Where have all the mutants gone? Long time ago.

Although time has taken its toll on his mutant healing factor, Logan is only slightly reluctant at the thought of fighting, not only for himself or mutantkind, but for what he believes to be right. With no other X-Men around, Logan must work with Xavier to protect the little girl, a clone of himself with the codename X-23. Her introduction is undoubtedly due to the film’s unseen (and perhaps unspoken) villain, Nathaniel Essex, a.k.a. Mister Sinister. However, Sinister doesn’t appear to be the only antagonistic force ruining Logan’s presently depressing life; the film will also include appearances from Caliban and the Reavers, who were seen briefly in the trailer.

The Setting:

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
Home crap home.

While the source material, Old Man Logan, saw Logan travel across the United States, the bleak desert scenery fits the film well. First, it pays homage to where ‘old man Logan’ is found in the comic, but more importantly, it plays on the overall theme of the film. Although I doubt a geography lesson is needed, deserts are dried up landscapes, largely devoid of life, even if they once had life. Mutantkind is largely a desert in the film. The X-Men are gone, and all that’s left are two aged, dried-up men, who honestly look a little like they’ll turn to dust at any second.

The Characters:

Logan/Wolverine (Duh!)

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
“Cause every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed Jackman!” That is how it goes, right?

Unfortunately, Logan is not looking too good. Within the first half of the trailer, viewers see Logan badly scarred, barely able to put on his own shirt. This is, of course, followed by him napping on the X-23’s lap as she watches over him. However, this is a trailer for a Wolverine movie, so we do get to see him break bad! He takes out the claws more than once for our excitement. Even if he is significantly softer, from age and possibly even guilt, Logan will always be lethal! 

Professor Charles Xavier

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
This guy ages REALLY well! Think about it! From the early 60s to the 80s, he looked like a never-aging version of James McAvoy. And now, after all those 80s kids have passed, he’s a wrinkly Patrick Stewart with a goatee? What is his secret?

Sadly, the great Professor does not look well at all. In one moment, he is seen lying in bed rather helplessly, and in another, Logan is seen carrying him. While this is not entirely strange, since Xavier is bound to a wheelchair, the image of Logan carrying him does inevitably imply a form of weakness. However, as always, he is ready to help a young mutant in need, even if that means risking his life. The Professor will undoubtedly make an excellent addition to this film.


Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
There’s not enough wind in the desert to cool you down, but there’s always enough to mess up your hair.

Avid comic book readers already know that X-23 is a clone of Wolverine, who goes by the name Laura Kinney. From what can be seen and heard during the trailer, it appears that X-23 has managed to escape the soldiers and Donald Pierce; however, they desperately want her back, leading Logan and Xavier to come to her aid. Yet, it appears she’s quite capable of protecting herself, considering she’s able to offer a helping hand. Or spin-kick.

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
Don’t you EVER touch me!

Donald Pierce and The Reavers

Run, Logan, run!
Run, Logan, run!

Originally, Donald Pierce was a high ranking member of the Hellfire Club, but during an encounter with the X-Men, Wolverine attempted to sever his arm, revealing him to be a cyborg. Additionally, Wolverine fatally injured three of Pierce’s mercenaries: Cole, Macon and Reese. To save them and get revenge against the X-Men, especially Wolverine, Pierce had them cybernetically enhanced like himself. Together, they are the Reavers, cybernetic mercenaries with a grudge against our titular hero. Not sure if they’re the main antagonists, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with!


Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
Watch out here I come!

Named after Shakespeare’s mutant-like creature from The Tempest, Caliban is more than likely going to a be a wildcard in the film. Over the last few decades of comics, Caliban has worked as both a hero and a villain, and aside from a turn as one of Apocalypse’s Horseman, his main power has remained the same — the ability to track other mutants.

Considering the fact that everyone seems to want X-23, it’s more than likely that he will be tracking her, but you never know! Caliban could be searching for other mutants on Xavier’s behalf, or he could be searching for Logan and Xavier for Pierce. Despite not knowing his motivations, his tracking ability will be extremely useful for anyone willing to hire him.

Oh, and amidst all this fuss over a young, innocent-looking, doe-eyed mutant…

X-23 Might Be Psychologically Compromised

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer: Who the Hell Are All These People?
I’m only…trying…to HELP!

Yes, in the comics, X-23 has claws, but only two per hand; I’m counting two blades violently imposing themselves against the thrice-clawed paws of Mr. Logan. I’m thinking this might be the final confrontation in the film, a confrontation instigated by implanted mental suggestions applied during the very process that weaponized her. Sound familiar? Yep, this is an applied process Logan, a subject of Weapon X, is very, very familiar with. It makes you wonder if this clandestine organization is still quite present in Logan’s oppressive future.

All in all, The Source is obviously excited for Logan. After examining the general plot, the setting and the characters, it appears to be the makings of an amazing conclusion for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, including, for the first time, R-Rated slashing! Be sure to it catch in theaters on March 3rd, 2017, and don’t forget to check back with The Source for more updates on Logan!